2020-2021 Broadside Project

Collaboration between AB student poets and artists from Ms. Mann’s and Ms. Silver’s Art of Truth English classes and Ms. Greene’s Studio Art III classes. Enjoy!

Steph Campbell
Claudia Huang
Vinita Mahanti
Spencer Barrus
Sarah Keefe
Sansriti Kumar
Raine Lindsey
Natalie Stoval
Kaitlyn Donnelly
Jessica Chen
Jackie Escobar Fajardo
Henry Schroeder
Ariella Forsyth
Chloe Fox
Avni Mishra
Ashley Haufler
Anna Lee
Aiya Karama
Aidan Jones
Ashna Mali

X block art!

Students who signed up for open art studio jumped right into an hour-long art challenge…  Materials: Black and white paint, collage, markers and giant reproductions of famous works of art.  The goal was to re-invent a well-known masterpiece and create an entirely new viewing experience.